Screen Actors System offers weekly on-going scene study classes in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.  Claim your free working audit now!  Email us for availability:

  • “A” Picture style scene study with a film set environment.
  • Fine tune your emotional switchboard.
  • Simplified approach to script analysis and understanding audition sides.
  • Put up as many fully prepared scenes as you can each week.
  • On-camera exercises and drills every class.
  • Learn the business of acting in the film industry.
  • Fully color corrected, sound edited 4K footage for demo reels, shot monthly-at no extra charge.  (examples)
  • Free working audits to our weekly on-going classes.

Screen Actors System Reel Shoots On-going students of Screen Actors System enjoy monthly reel shoots where they get to film “A” Picture quality footage at no extra cost with director Ryan R. Williams.  See more (here)

What is The System you teach?  Ryan R. Williams has developed a revolutionary new approach to film acting. The System is a synthesis of the classical, european, Meisner and Strasberg based actor training Williams mastered in drama school and his expertise in several cinematic disciplines.

Williams is an accomplished film director, screenwriter, editor and cinematographer, a department head in the major areas that count for film actors.  He teaches a strictly film based performance approach, stressing the intense precision, clear storytelling, emotional availability, and business acumen we observe in nearly all major movie stars.

How Audits Work

  • There is no cost to audit our weekly on-going classes.
  • No preparation is necessary for your audit, come as you are.
  • During your free working audit, you will fully participate as though you were a member of class.
  • Come ready to work in on-camera drills, exercises, reel shoots and scene study.
  • Class begins at 7:30PM and usually goes til about 11:30PM…ish.  Emphasis on the “ish”.
  • Click here for directions.

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