Monday Night Speech Reel Shoot

Monday Night Speech Reel Shoot

It will inspire you to strive for more as actors. It’s been an amazing ride so far for the Screen Actors System members who take The System as far as Tony Petaros has HERE. Great work!

When Tony started class he was not ready to do this level of work on camera. He was theatrical and fresh out of drama

Anthony Petaros of Screen Actors System.
Anthony Petaros of Screen Actors System.

school and, like many of you, stuck with some bad habits. I am inspired to see the students, like Tony, who diligently apply the techniques taught in this class, who get off their act, and come out looking like pros after many cycles of struggle. If it was easy, everyone would do it. And it takes upkeep.

Consistency and staying dedicated to the training are the keys to building & keeping these skills. You will all get to this level in class if you don’t give up. And now Tony can look forward to going even beyond this level because he WANTS it.

We are establishing this level of work as a baseline for ALL Screen Actors System members. So when we climb to new heights from that strong base, we truly are reaching the stars. You will all get to this level if you follow The System. Apply yourself to it. Dedicate.

I don’t believe in talent. I believe in hard work and dedication and I believe in the System. Some people work hard and some don’t, and without that, talent won’t get you anywhere. Get to work!!!

Getting excited to shoot even more substantial work with you all! A 100 minute running time has a way of leaving an even bigger mark.

As ever,


PS. To all of you who shot your reels that night, there were MANY great speeches I could have chosen. I will be passing out the footage in class this week to all of you, VEGAS and EVERY CLASS IN LA, you have lots of footage coming out. Be in class to pick it up!

Let’s have a great scene study this week guys!!! Treat it seriously and treat your scene partners well. That is the path. That is how you get to do this. And the way you keep doing this level of work. It’s not as hard as it looks. It’s actually fun. But you have to be ALL ABOUT IT! Push hard. Don’t be a flake. Basic.

Be in class, don’t be a flake, work on scenes every week, get good, enjoy!

PS PS Flaunt this clip in the face of any auditor you want to bring to class. If I had seen this when I was studying acting, I would have enrolled in that school immediately. If they have questions my email is:

And for those few of you who haven’t been in class lately, what are you, crazy! Get back to work and get back in the System before we are full to capacity (most classes are full or close to it now).