Screen Actors System Is Back!!!

SCREEN ACTORS SYSTEM IS BACK!!! See you all at the Hampton this week.

Read all of this GOOD NEWS BELOW…how to make up missed class if you are not back from winter break / TWO FREE CLASSES FOR EVERYONE [Past and present members both included]!

WEDNESDAY NIGHT class your reels from last cycle will be passed out this week (remember it is the first week of your new cycle and payment is due for WED NIGHT class this week as well).

MONDAY NIGHT class, its on tomorrow. You guys need to bring it strong.

I know my most hardcore and dedicated students will be in class this week and I wanna see some copy that’s on this post!

The good new is about Wednesday day class (2pm at the Hampton this week).

GOOD NEWS IS Wednesday day class is free for all past and present members this week and next. Bring your scene partners. Use them as make up classes or as extra time on the path. No excuses for those of you who are tight on money. These next two Wed day classes are FREE! (Wed day regulars you are on week 3 in your cycle–so you got a free week as well).

Now let’s all make a new years resolution to not let excuses/laziness/lack of focus and proper training steal another year.

Its time to live the dream guys. It does not get any closer. You have to run to catch it now.

Sprint. Like its getting away. Because in this race if you are not running…the dream is going to pass you by.

You can afford to be in this class because you can not afford to waste any more time.

HERE’S TO 2014! The year Screen Actors System becomes legendary!

Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa.