The Only 5 Emotions Worth Playing Against!

The Only 5 Emotions Worth Playing Against!

In my weekly classes at Screen Actors System, we focus on five major emotions, all of which are played honestly and as obstacles to reflect real life. Emotions are almost never convenient for us in real life so we try to hide them. When an actor simulates this process using their own raw feelings, they must keep it simple for the audience to be able to see anything happening underneath.

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10 Lies You’re Told About Film Acting, Part 1

Do you want to book film work? Who doesn’t? Let’s face it. But how does one proceed when you are constantly being misled about the very truth and nature of film acting. Deep down you know that you are. You can feel it. Here are 10 falsehoods that are commonly passed off as solid advice for film actors.

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6 Signs Your Acting Class is Destroying Your Film Career

As a working film and television director, I have to clean up the messes that outdated actor training creates on set. Here are some classroom practices that I firmly believe are harmful to the film actor. If you see any of this going on in your current acting class, I want you to run!

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Ryan R. Williams 4 Hour Class Will Make You Camera Ready

Ryan R. Williams’ approach to on-camera acting is radical in its simplicity. “I come at acting from a very practical, real-world position,” says the director-cinematographer, who was asked three years ago to teach a conservatory for the Screen Actors Guild while shooting a feature film. Intimidated and uncertain, Williams made a decision that would lead to the creation of his now-popular classes: “I just brought in the camera we were using to film the movie and decided to talk about the things that bother me about actors.”

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Ryan R. Williams Nominated

Ryan R. Williams nominated by Backstage for LA’s favorite on-camera teacher in this year’s Reader’s Choice Awards! Ryan R. Williams shares his nomination with Anthony MeindlCarolyne BarryTed Brunetti of Howard Fine Studio, and Chambers Stevens.  Here’s what Ryan said on after hearing the great news!

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Auditor Challenge Winners

Congratulations to Screen Actors System Auditor Challenge Winners, John Manison and Stephanie Panisello!

John Manison
John Manison


The Screen Actors System Auditor Challenge has been won by members, John Manison and Stephanie Panisello. They had the highest amount of auditors sign up for class and are now on-going students, congrats!  They are going on the journey with us to become the best film actors in the industry. Not only did John and Stephanie win a free 4 week cycle of acting class, they will also star in an original short, shot by director and coach Ryan R. Williams. The short will be filmed at  Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.


The Ranch has been used to film  numerous movies and television shows since the early days of cinema. From 1992 to 1997, Paramount Ranch was used as the setting for the television show, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, so it’s the perfect location to shoot, seeing as how it’s going to be a “Western”.  The short, entitled Bertram and Nettie will be set in 1890 in a post apocalyptic western town.

Stephanie Panisello
Stephanie Panisello

We’re set to shoot on the 27th of this month and today in preparation, Ryan and John took a little trip to Western Costume in Hollywood.  The warehouse supplies costumes and costuming supplies to the film and TV industry. It’s one of the oldest businesses in the industry, the company outdates any studio or production company currently in operation.





Text Analysis Class

TEXT ANALYSIS INTENSIVE in day class this Wednesday!

Black Magic Cinema Camera
Black Magic Cinema Camera

FREE TO ALL MEMBERS. Come at 4pm! OR…come and do the entire class at 2pm if you have a scene to put up (we will be doing scene study at the top of class in the afternoon class on Wednesday). WANT ALL THE MYSTERIES OF YOUR SCENES/SIDES REVEALED? Then come at 4pm and the second half of class and I will enlighten you. You will never look at a script the same way again. I am giving you guys opportunities for extra study while I can. So take advantage of this before the Wed day class is full in the new year and I am not able to open it up like this (you may also use Wed day class as a make up class if you miss one, until mid January or so). WEDNESDAY CLASS WILL BE OPEN TO ALL WHO CAN MAKE IT AT 4pm for the text analysis/asst. storytelling deep clean!!! I will be breaking down a scene and you all will have copies that I will provide. And if you want to do the entire class feel free to come at 2pm and bring a scene (or an auditor, don’t forget by offer–if you get two people to join you will get a cycle on me)! PS: We are NOT shooting in Wed class this week! We will have to carry forward that make up shoot until next cycle, we will be shooting on the last day of the cycle, so not this week, but next week. I am waiting for a new camera to arrive in January for that extra shoot, I’d rather shoot on the new 4k Black Magic. It will be sweet!