6 On-Camera Improv Secrets

Imagine landing a role in a new Paul Thomas Anderson, Spike Lee, or Martin Scorsese film (like several students I’ve known and taught).  Film directors, myself included, are known for letting their actors improvise on certain takes. I cast out of my scene study classes almost exclusively now, so selfishly, I created a new way to prepare my students to make it up as they go on set. This form of improvisation is very different because the goal is feature film and television work, not live comedy.

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Hollywood A-Picture Training with Screen Actors System

There are numerous acting classes in Los Angeles that provide outlets for performers, but it seems as if there is only one  that is specifically designed to give actors the necessary training for grabbing parts in Hollywood A-Picture films and that is the Screen Actors System.  The system is helmed by director and cinematographer Ryan R. Williams who bases his teachings in simplicity and his view from working behind the camera.

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Auditor Challenge Winners

Congratulations to Screen Actors System Auditor Challenge Winners, John Manison and Stephanie Panisello!

John Manison
John Manison


The Screen Actors System Auditor Challenge has been won by members, John Manison and Stephanie Panisello. They had the highest amount of auditors sign up for class and are now on-going students, congrats!  They are going on the journey with us to become the best film actors in the industry. Not only did John and Stephanie win a free 4 week cycle of acting class, they will also star in an original short, shot by director and coach Ryan R. Williams. The short will be filmed at  Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.


The Ranch has been used to film  numerous movies and television shows since the early days of cinema. From 1992 to 1997, Paramount Ranch was used as the setting for the television show, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, so it’s the perfect location to shoot, seeing as how it’s going to be a “Western”.  The short, entitled Bertram and Nettie will be set in 1890 in a post apocalyptic western town.

Stephanie Panisello
Stephanie Panisello

We’re set to shoot on the 27th of this month and today in preparation, Ryan and John took a little trip to Western Costume in Hollywood.  The warehouse supplies costumes and costuming supplies to the film and TV industry. It’s one of the oldest businesses in the industry, the company outdates any studio or production company currently in operation.





Jes Selane Super Bowl Commercial

Jes Selane Super Bowl Commercial

Just saw a Screen Actors System student acting in a commercial during the Super Bowl. Proud moment. I got more of a kick out of that then watching ads I have worked on myself play during the game. Congrats to Jes Selane!!!

Jes Selane Super Bowl Commercial watch it here!

Jes Selane of Screen Actors System. His Sprint commercial played during this year's Super Bowl!
Jes Selane of Screen Actors System. His Sprint commercial played during this year’s Super Bowl!

Screen Actors System LA/LV has booked nearly 10 commercials so far this quarter. When you work the System, the System works for you., then YOU work.

Jes began his path as an actor with us in Screen Actors System. I suspect that he will make a large chunk of money as an actor this year (already has). His secret is hard work, dedication and the System. He’s lucky, he has never known an incorrect way to approach film acting, he hasn’t been plagued with bad theatrical habits that get you no where on the big screen. He works on his dream everyday and never stops learning or challenging himself.

Let’s get going guys, surrender to the System and let it work for you. You can all be quitting your day jobs this year…follow me.