The Only 5 Emotions Worth Playing Against!

The Only 5 Emotions Worth Playing Against!

In my weekly classes at Screen Actors System, we focus on five major emotions, all of which are played honestly and as obstacles to reflect real life. Emotions are almost never convenient for us in real life so we try to hide them. When an actor simulates this process using their own raw feelings, they must keep it simple for the audience to be able to see anything happening underneath.

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Hollywood A-Picture Training with Screen Actors System

There are numerous acting classes in Los Angeles that provide outlets for performers, but it seems as if there is only one  that is specifically designed to give actors the necessary training for grabbing parts in Hollywood A-Picture films and that is the Screen Actors System.  The system is helmed by director and cinematographer Ryan R. Williams who bases his teachings in simplicity and his view from working behind the camera.

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Jes Selane Super Bowl Commercial

Jes Selane Super Bowl Commercial

Just saw a Screen Actors System student acting in a commercial during the Super Bowl. Proud moment. I got more of a kick out of that then watching ads I have worked on myself play during the game. Congrats to Jes Selane!!!

Jes Selane Super Bowl Commercial watch it here!

Jes Selane of Screen Actors System. His Sprint commercial played during this year's Super Bowl!
Jes Selane of Screen Actors System. His Sprint commercial played during this year’s Super Bowl!

Screen Actors System LA/LV has booked nearly 10 commercials so far this quarter. When you work the System, the System works for you., then YOU work.

Jes began his path as an actor with us in Screen Actors System. I suspect that he will make a large chunk of money as an actor this year (already has). His secret is hard work, dedication and the System. He’s lucky, he has never known an incorrect way to approach film acting, he hasn’t been plagued with bad theatrical habits that get you no where on the big screen. He works on his dream everyday and never stops learning or challenging himself.

Let’s get going guys, surrender to the System and let it work for you. You can all be quitting your day jobs this year…follow me.

Screen Actors System Is Back!!!

SCREEN ACTORS SYSTEM IS BACK!!! See you all at the Hampton this week.

Read all of this GOOD NEWS BELOW…how to make up missed class if you are not back from winter break / TWO FREE CLASSES FOR EVERYONE [Past and present members both included]!

WEDNESDAY NIGHT class your reels from last cycle will be passed out this week (remember it is the first week of your new cycle and payment is due for WED NIGHT class this week as well).

MONDAY NIGHT class, its on tomorrow. You guys need to bring it strong.

I know my most hardcore and dedicated students will be in class this week and I wanna see some copy that’s on this post!

The good new is about Wednesday day class (2pm at the Hampton this week).

GOOD NEWS IS Wednesday day class is free for all past and present members this week and next. Bring your scene partners. Use them as make up classes or as extra time on the path. No excuses for those of you who are tight on money. These next two Wed day classes are FREE! (Wed day regulars you are on week 3 in your cycle–so you got a free week as well).

Now let’s all make a new years resolution to not let excuses/laziness/lack of focus and proper training steal another year.

Its time to live the dream guys. It does not get any closer. You have to run to catch it now.

Sprint. Like its getting away. Because in this race if you are not running…the dream is going to pass you by.

You can afford to be in this class because you can not afford to waste any more time.

HERE’S TO 2014! The year Screen Actors System becomes legendary!

Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa.

Text Analysis Class

TEXT ANALYSIS INTENSIVE in day class this Wednesday!

Black Magic Cinema Camera
Black Magic Cinema Camera

FREE TO ALL MEMBERS. Come at 4pm! OR…come and do the entire class at 2pm if you have a scene to put up (we will be doing scene study at the top of class in the afternoon class on Wednesday). WANT ALL THE MYSTERIES OF YOUR SCENES/SIDES REVEALED? Then come at 4pm and the second half of class and I will enlighten you. You will never look at a script the same way again. I am giving you guys opportunities for extra study while I can. So take advantage of this before the Wed day class is full in the new year and I am not able to open it up like this (you may also use Wed day class as a make up class if you miss one, until mid January or so). WEDNESDAY CLASS WILL BE OPEN TO ALL WHO CAN MAKE IT AT 4pm for the text analysis/asst. storytelling deep clean!!! I will be breaking down a scene and you all will have copies that I will provide. And if you want to do the entire class feel free to come at 2pm and bring a scene (or an auditor, don’t forget by offer–if you get two people to join you will get a cycle on me)! PS: We are NOT shooting in Wed class this week! We will have to carry forward that make up shoot until next cycle, we will be shooting on the last day of the cycle, so not this week, but next week. I am waiting for a new camera to arrive in January for that extra shoot, I’d rather shoot on the new 4k Black Magic. It will be sweet!