Ryan R. Williams BBC Radio Interview


MERRY CHRISTMAS GANG!!! As you look forward to your goals for the new year, here is a bit on inspiration. I regaled the Wednesday Night class with tales about breaking into Hollywood in my early days in LA. I’ve attached a link to a BBC Radio interview I did about some of the bold shenanigans that opened the doors for me. I put it on youtube last night just so you could all hear it.

You will all get a kick out of watching this link. Fortune favors the bold!

Be bold, be in class and be ready to cash more checks then you write from your acting. HERE IS TO 2014!!! IT IS THE YEAR OF SCREEN ACTORS SYSTEM!!! And when we shoot our feature film, win major festivals, get distribution and make working actors of you all…this class will be the stuff of LEGEND!

Our story is about to meet it’s inciting incident. The readiness is all…see you next year.

Ryan R. Williams BBC Radio Interview

‘This a 2003 BBC radio interview featuring director Ryan R. Williams. It details the filmmakers’ freshman exploits breaking into Hollywood. This International press story, written by Guardian Observer London journalist, Tim Cooper and adapted into the forthcoming feature film, “Making Abbey Singer.'”