Hollywood A-Picture Training with Screen Actors System

There are numerous acting classes in Los Angeles that provide outlets for performers, but it seems as if there is only one  that is specifically designed to give actors the necessary training for grabbing parts in Hollywood A-Picture films and that is the Screen Actors System.  The system is helmed by director and cinematographer Ryan R. Williams who bases his teachings in simplicity and his view from working behind the camera.

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The Stand Off Short Film

The Stand Off Screen Actors System Wednesday Day Class Reel Shoot.

James Lake and Suzanne LaChasse in The Stand Off Short Film.
James Lake and Suzanne LaChasse in The Stand Off Short Film.

Thanks to the Wed day class for all your focus that day. Your clips look fantastic. All of last months clips are looking outstanding, I am a big fan of our new Blackmagic Cinema Camera. World class. Ambitious shoots to come for everyone in Screen Actors System!

The Stand Off is one of the clips from the Wednesday Day class shoot with James Lake and Suzanne LaChasse, they are both taking multiple classes and it shows. To be able to keep your cool in all that chaos and come out on top, shows an enormous about of professionalism. They use the System and it works for them.

For all you night class folks who are jealous of the level of coverage we get to shoot in day class, just know this…you are free to take it in addition to your night class for an additional $100 dollars per month. If you are looking to expand your reel, I would definitely do that.