The Stand Off Short Film

The Stand Off Screen Actors System Wednesday Day Class Reel Shoot.

James Lake and Suzanne LaChasse in The Stand Off Short Film.
James Lake and Suzanne LaChasse in The Stand Off Short Film.

Thanks to the Wed day class for all your focus that day. Your clips look fantastic. All of last months clips are looking outstanding, I am a big fan of our new Blackmagic Cinema Camera. World class. Ambitious shoots to come for everyone in Screen Actors System!

The Stand Off is one of the clips from the Wednesday Day class shoot with James Lake and Suzanne LaChasse, they are both taking multiple classes and it shows. To be able to keep your cool in all that chaos and come out on top, shows an enormous about of professionalism. They use the System and it works for them.

For all you night class folks who are jealous of the level of coverage we get to shoot in day class, just know this…you are free to take it in addition to your night class for an additional $100 dollars per month. If you are looking to expand your reel, I would definitely do that.


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  1. This was possibly the best shoot! All that beautiful high production value B-roll footage and the action in this scene! MIND-BLOWING!

  2. Now, this is nice!!! I love shooting when there’s actually a scene with someone (actual dialogue). Its so much better than talking to an eye line!! Perhaps, we can do things like this in the day class??? Nice job to both of you 🙂

  3. The happy accidents tend to happen to students who are in both classes, coming to ALL shoots and working the hardest in class. James and Suzanne just happened to be in all 3 classes at that time and were in the right place at the right time. That happens every so often on shoots. But you have to get great at doing YOUR work no matter what the circumstances.

    The point of the shoots is to simulate real onset conditions. That means little to no help from the director, and clueless scene partners. Of course two people going after each other in 2nd circle is ideal. But many actors in class miss the opportunities that are given to them because they are waiting for something to happen. Make it happen.

    BTW that shoot was interrupted by the police helicopter and if you asked everyone there they would say it was rather inconvenient having a police situation break out all around our shoot, including James and Suzanne who just happened to be up next when this went down. There acting was hindered in many ways that the cutting of the material saved.

    The real bonus here was that I decided to edit the footage. LOTS and LOTS of the footage we shoot would work this well if I was to edit it together and do full sound design.

    1. Ryan, so this was a product of a shoot day? Was the scene improvised and did the actors have a couple of days in advance to consider what the scene was about?

      It looks really great and perfect for a reel!

      I also am very curious about these low budget films that you have mentioned on the website that you do with students… I’ll be sure to ask about it in class!

      1. That was shot on a normal shoot day. I do edit shoots from class occasionally as part of random contests, etc. The Day class tends to have longer shoots and more opportunities for this type of occurrence, partly due to light but also due enrollment being a bit lighter.

  4. Too cool. It would have been awesome to see the police reactions to you guys shooting during this crime scene break out.
    Awesome job guys!

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